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Our strategy



Adjective; Better than everyone or everything of the same type

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We strive to outperform and not match our competitors


A system of planning, investment and incentives aimed at making us the best in the Market.

In preparation

Idiom; Definition; being made. Sentence; Plans for the next edition are already in preparation

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We focus on what really matters. We are reducing the number and complexity of our products and processes to streamline our organisation

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Digital will be the nature of our organisation, both at the front and back end. New business models, harmonised assets, automation and state-of-the-art data analytics

Our strategy visuals_Scalable.png


Scale is not the same as size. Scale means reaping benefits from our size; being more than the sum of our parts. This means sharing knowledge, best practices and technological assets across the gorup


Plural noun; relation; relevance. A sense of one's relative position or situation; orientation

Our strategy visuals_Growth.png

We have a clear view of where we want to grow, both geographically and in terms of new business lines

Our strategy visuals_National .png

National Player

In addition to maintaining a strong foothold in KZN and Gauteng core Markets, we also seek to position ourselves in the Western and Eastern Cape

Our strategy visuals_Product development.png

Product Development and Improvement

We are constantly developing new products and improving cover to protect and prepare our customers for the future

Our strategy visuals_Asset Management.png

Asset Management

We offer our commercial customers asset management software which will allow them to control, monitor and measure their assets and key processes within their businesses. Allowing them to focus on growing and expanding their business

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